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Display shows Reception until where S is a status message associated with the desired number is call Addr: PTT button or to make the call. On a successful call set- up, the entry is On deletion of the last message in the Missed automatically deleted from the list together with Calls list, the radio will exit the menu and return an associated status message. Unanswered calls may be deleted from the To exit the Missed Call List: Missed Call list at any time by The prearranged messages Status and associated code digits are contained in a to select Status List which contains up to entries.

Once the desired status is displayed, there are two methods to select the status: Individual Call alert sounds Display shows: Note that status number 04 only will be displayed if associated message is not programmed into your radio. EMERGENCY CALL Your radio can be programmed to give you a You may pre-record a message for example to one-button quick access to call a particular confirm your location or status , which is sent radio or centre predefined by your dealer in automatically when the emergency call is emergency situations.

Voice Recorder 10 Record the call or part of the call. To record a memo: Storage Full to enter Menu Mode. Voice Storage time to stop recording. To playback a recorded call or memo: To delete a recorded call or memo: Playback message as described in above procedure.

This message may the Voice Storage Recording alert sounds contain, for example, your location or status momentarily. The scan start alert tone will sound receive any call that is transmitted on any of and the display icon lit. You can switch On or Off Call Forward by until: Utilities using a pre-programmed Call Forward button However, you can communicate with to enter Menu Mode.

You can switch On or Off Whisper by using a until: Utilities pre-programmed Whisper button or via the A higher level means you can reach a radio that is farther away. A lower power to enter Menu Mode. The overall effect is to reduce noise in the until: Your radio can be programmed to have the backlight permanently on, permanently off or a until: Each board will extend the capability of your radio by adding a new feature to enter Menu Mode.

The VOX feature intelligently senses background noise, so that it adapts automatically to the noise level in the environment in which you are working. To start the VOX feature: Connect the VOX headset onto the accessory connector of the radio. The display also shows a dot to indicate High The numbers below refer to the illustrations on the inside power selected. If Talkaround mode is selected, the channel number 1. Used to turn the radio on or off, and to adjust the 5.

Call Reminder Reminder of unanswered call. Power up Fail Radio self-test fail. Hardware Hardware error, tone Error continues until valid operation. Cancel Previous message or Message message currently being played from Voice Storage has been deleted. Channel Free Indicates current Beep channel is free. Incoming Indicates an Emergency emergency situation.

Alert Keypad Confidence tone when Acknowledge any key pressed. Call Stacked Indicates that. When in Menu Mode, this key is also used to ma. The dot is lit during priority scan mode when scan has CHAN 34 landed on priority channel. Вид радиостанции со стороны аксессуарного разъема. Данный детальный обзор Motorola GP состоит из 12 фотографий.

Для просмотра увеличенного снимка Motorola GP арт. Копирование фотографий или части изображения в коммерческих целях без согласования с правообладателями нарушает закон об авторском праве.

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